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Two Days in Seattle

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two days in seattle
Written by Edith & Juan

Two days in Seattle is not enough time to explore the city but certainly possible. As a huge fan of Grey’s Anatomy, I had a big desire to visit Seattle, Washington for quite some time (even thought it really wasn’t filmed there).  Checking out the skyline and riding a cruise was at the top of my list.

As soon as we arrived to Seattle by Amtrak from Portland, I fell in love with the city.  The cloudy weather, the calm vibe, the high amounts of required walking, the coffee stops, all of it made this a place I can’t wait to go back to.

With only a couple days to explore, here is how you can enjoy Seattle in two days.

Two Days in Seattle

Day 1 in Seattle

Seattle Washington

Pike’s Place Farmers Market

This is the most popular visited destination in Seattle and for great reasons.  Located on a steep hill on Pike Place, you will have a view of Elliot Bay.  Pike’s Place offers a unique variety of shops such as antique stores, fresh produce, family-owned restaurants, craft stores, seafood, and fresh flowers.

This is also home to Market Theater Gum Wall (gum alley), the first Starbucks, and conveniently located a short walk from the Seattle Great Wheel, Seattle Aquarium, Downtown and Argosy Cruises.  It’s also only a 20 minute walk away from where the Space Needle, EPM Museum, Chihuly Garden and Glass, and the Pacific Science Center are located.


Located conveniently a 10 minute walk from Pike’s Place, we went down a few flights of stairs towards Waterfront Park. The aquarium was quite enjoyable due the sea otters, our favorite while there.  But we also got to see many Puget Sound fish, octopus, sharks, and birds.  Plus, you get a great view of the Seattle Great Wheel and can ride on it.

Seattle Washington

Walk Downtown

This gave us an opportunity to walk past a million Starbucks (okay I’m exaggerating obviously) all within a few blocks.  My friends and I started counting as we went past them on our way back to our hotel.  Turns out, they are almost at every corner.  Eventually, we sat down to enjoy some warm caffeine on a cold winter night.

Seattle Washington

Space Needle Observation Deck

Located 5 minutes from our hotel, we decided to see the city at night before going to bed.  After reaching the top in 41 seconds, we got a spectacular view of the shining lights.  Inside the Needle,  you can eat dinner at Skycity Restaurant, interact with their cool technology, buy souvenirs at their shop, and even have free photo experiences.  It’s also very convenient in that the Observation Deck is open almost all day from 8-12:00AM.

Day 2

Seattle Washington

Chihuly Garden and Glass

This has been one of the coolest exhibits I’ve visited.   If you’ve been to the Bellagio in Las Vegas and saw the cool glass flowers in the ceiling of their lobby, you have had a taste of Dale Chihuly’s artwork.  The Chihuly Garden and Glass features glass formed into a variety of shapes with vibrant colors.

Inside the exhibit, you will find all his colorful work while walking through dim light.  Outside, there is a Glasshouse installation surrounded by a glass garden.  Not only that, but you are standing right under the Space Needle as you walk through the garden. Just look at the picture below.

Seattle Wasington

Space Needle

If you thought one visit was enough, try two.  Using our Seattle City Pass, we were given two entrances to the Space Needle and so we took this chance to see the city from above during the day.  We were a bit out of luck because the fog obstructed our view, but nonetheless the ride up there was still beautiful.

Seattle Washington

Visit the 1st Starbucks

The long line you will encounter here does not matter. It’s the first freaking Starbucks! Don’t skip this place as they have the best vintage mugs and the pricing wasn’t too bad.  Just don’t make the mistake of ordering a drink like I did or you’ll be waiting forever.

Instead, go around the block and I guarantee you will find another Starbucks with faster service.  But if you must, be assured you will see baristas tossing cups and taking photos with tourists.

Seattle Washington

Market Theater Gum Wall

Located near the Farmer’s Market sign, look for the stairs that lead down to Post Alley. You will find yourself in what you can either consider the grossest thing ever or the most interesting alley.  After 2,300 pounds of gum being scrubbed down and removed for the first time in 20 years in 2015, these walls need some love. So don’t forget to take gum with you if you want to leave your mark.

Seattle Washington


We took a relaxing ride through Puget Sound with Argosy Cruises.  On the cruise we enjoyed the Seattle skyline, the Elliot Bay Waterfront, learned some interesting facts about the city, saw huge container ships, and learned some history through the narrated and relaxing ride.

The location is just 5-10 minutes from Pike’s Place and next to Seattle Aquarium at Pier 55.  This was the one place we got to sit down and relax.  Highly recommended.

Seattle Washington

Woodland Park Zoo

Only a short ride away on the Metro Transit Bus #5 from downtown, you will arrive to Woodland Park Zoo in no time.  The zoo was quite big and required a lot of walking but was very worth it.  Containing habitats from Africa, New Zealand, South America, North America, Northern Trail, a Temperate Forest, Tropical Rain Forest, an even farm animals, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

My favorite was the Alaska Tundra were I got to see white wolves, an animal I had never seen.  But I also enjoyed the tigers, sloths, and monkeys!

Other Notable Mentions:

My friends and I toured Seattle using the Seattle City Pass which saved us a lot of money and got us into the main attractions.  But there were two other attractions on the pass that we didn’t do that seemed fun.  They are EMP Museum and the Pacific Science Center.  Both are located next to the Space Needle and Chihuly Gardens.

Where to stay & Where to Eat:

Seattle Washington

Best Western Executive Inn: It is conveniently located five minutes from Seattle Center, where the Chihuly Garden & Glass and Space Needle are located. This hotel is also convenient because the Seattle Monorail that’s there takes you to Westlake Center Shopping Mall Located downtown (5 minutes from Pike’s Place).  If you prefer walking,  20 minutes will take you there.  Plus, you get an amazing view of the Space Needle from your hotel window.

Some Random Bar
No, don’t eat at some random bar. Eat at Some Random Bar.  This place was great for a night out if you enjoy dim lighting, drinks, and a relaxing atmosphere.  The place was warm and socially inviting.  Although a bit tight inside, the place was enjoyable.  Some Random Bar is located in Belltown, a short walk from the Space Needle and from our hotel (Best Western Executive Inn).

two days in seattle

My two days in Seattle were certainly not enough so it’s definitely on my go back to list.  Especially to show Juan what a great city this is.  This was girl friend trip and he didn’t join me, so I must take him. As you can tell from the post, I used the word convenient a lot.  That’s because it was!

Everything was easy to navigate to and only short distances away from each other.  Maybe this is a reason I loved the city so much.  Who else fell in love with Seattle and what did you love about it?  What are some places I should visit next time I go?

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