Travel Resources

Travel Resources

Travel Resources

Planning a trip to different destinations is always full of excitement for us.  Over time, we discovered companies that best worked when it comes to travel and we want to share them with you.  These are companies we use and love because we find the best deals through them.  We also want to share with you the best gear we currently use and resources that help us maintain our blog.  Hopefully you find these travel resources helpful for your next trip.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links at no additional cost to you.  This means we earn a commission if you make a purchase.  The companies listed and recommended here are ones we use, believe in, and have made our travel experience easy.  If you are getting ready to travel and would like to support this website in some way, using these links will help do that.  They’re all listed to help you travel better.


We tend to book directly with the airline to avoid any middle-man problems and we still save money.  We also try to book direct flights every time possible or the shortest stop over.  We use the following:


Ever since we discovered Skyscanner, we rarely use any other website to compare flights.  Skyscanner searches budget carriers and large airlines to find you the best deals.  Although you won’t book directly through the site, it will direct you to the airline of your choice for booking.  We like the way you can compare prices by month and how you can search your outbound destination to “anywhere” to see where the next cheap flight may be.


We always check Google Flights to see what the current prices are and to see if we find them cheaper than on Skyscanner.


Zuzuni Boutique Hotel: Boracay Beachfront

This is the travel website we use the most. provides great resource and booking site for hotels and other accommodation.  Their interface is easy to use, they have a wide selection, and there is a no money down policy.  We enjoy the website because we can choose accommodation by the specific needs we may have.  This website is especially good in countries that are still developing.  If you become a Genius member, you save extra money and get special perks like late check out and free parking. It has been a great resource for us throughout Asia.

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AirBnb is our favorite type of accommodation! This site connects you with homeowners who rent out their homes and apartments to you.  By booking through AirBnb, you can get the comforts of your home including a kitchen, living room, and washer and dryer.  You can stay in non-touristy areas or popular areas.  We find the cost to be lower than a hotel room and with more utilities.  Airbnb also has shared rooms, private room, and whole house options.  We usually prefer Airbnb for longer stays over three days.  At first we weren’t sure about trying it, but we have to say this is now our favorite type of accommodation because it feels like you have a home.   If you’re new to Airbnb or want to give it a try, you can get $40 off your first stay.


Because we like to make sure we are saving on accommodation, we make sure to check other sites too.  Expedia is known for their great customer service and they have added benefits, like free breakfast and pay at checkout.  We like how easy it is to book.


After checking prices on both and Expedia, we always check the hotel website directly.  Sometimes they will have lower prices and other times they have offers on their website that can save you even more money.

Trip Advisor

Even though each website above has reviews already, I always hop over to Trip Advisor before pressing the book button.  We like to read reviews and know exactly what other people though of their stay.  This helps us know which places have great working Wi-Fi, amazing customer service, and clean rooms!  When checking reviews, you can know which opinion to take lightly or seriously because you can see how often a reviewer travels.

We also use Trip Advisor for checking activities and attractions.  Before booking an expensive tour or activity, or showing up somewhere, we read the reviews of those places.  If we find it sounds worth it, then we will visit those places.

Travel Insurance

World Nomads

We bought our travel insurance from World Nomads when we left to travel. They have great customer service, competitive prices, and in-depth coverage. We have peace of mind knowing how well protected we are during our travels.  In fact, it’s the preferred travel insurance for many travelers for good reason. They are even recommended by Lonely Planet and National Geographic! We highly suggest you do not leave home without travel insurance!

Travel Gear

Osprey Backpack

Because we’d be traveling long-term, we decided to invest in a good backpack.  We purchased the Osprey brand and it was the best choice we made.   The quality of the brand is durable and perfectly designed for travelers.  We got ourselves a carry-on version and love it, but they have different options depending on your travel needs.  Did we mention it has lifetime warranty?  We got ours through Amazon.


This mirrorless camera has just what we need for our travels.  It is lightweight which is convenient!  We love it because it functions like a DSLR but easy to use for amateur photographers like us.  You can purchase different lens according to the type of photography you prefer.  I carry this one with me everywhere, even back home.


Amazon is our go-to for travel gear.  Almost everything we carry in our backpacks, has been ordered through this site.  It has saved us lots of money.  If you become a Prime member, you get great benefits including two-day shipping.  This has served us well for last-minute trips.



If a city has UBER, we will surely be using it.  What we like about UBER is that we save money.  We always compare it to taxis and realize this is the best options every time.  However, what we also like is it’s easy of payment.  Every ride is paid through the APP when you are dropped off and no money handling is done with the driver.  We also like it because you put the address in the APP and there is less confusion due to language barriers, the cars have seat belts, are well-kept, and they simply feel much safer for us.  You can get a $5 discount on your first 4 rides using this UBER code.

Travel Blogging Resources



Bluehost is our favorite hosting company and great for bloggers just starting out. Their prices are cheap, they have great customer service, and their servers word wonderful.  If you’re looking for a reliable hosting company to start a blog, we recommend them.






Ebates Coupons and Cash Back
Want to save money shopping so you can travel more?  You can save online by going through Ebates.

Mobile Apps

Because we are on the road full-time, I keep this app handy at all times.

Travel Libro

This is a new travel app where you can share your journey and your stories about each place you visit with others.  It has the ability to check in and upload videos and posts about each place.  This is a new one, but a great one.  You can follow our journey (you can view it by desktop too).

Google Translate

This app was a life saver in China!  Though we don’t always use it because English is widely spoken, we sometimes come across taxi drivers or people in smaller cities who don’t speak it.  It’s very handy to have!


A lot of our travel inspiration comes from here!  We have many posts we share about our travels on ours.


I’m sure you have one too, but we wanted to share ours with you.  This is the app we spend the most time on while scrolling through other travel accounts and daydreaming of our next destination!


This app is wonderful because we use it to write down names of places we visit so we don’t forget.  We use it for all kinds of notes, and sometimes for blogging.  What’s great about it, is it syncs what you write on your app to your desktop version of the app.

What are your favorite travel resources? Did you learn any new tips or tricks you could use? Let us know!

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Happy Traveling!

Travel Resources