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18 Things to do in Singapore

Written by Edith & Juan

One of the most vibrant, exciting, and gorgeous cities that we have visited is Singapore.  It’s a place where you can get lost in the streets and find something beautiful at every corner.  It’s a city that follows rules, has great manners, kind people, and thrives in different cultures. The amount of things do in Singapore can be overwhelming but we found some great places to share with you.

What we loved about Singapore is the variety of things there are for everyone.  Singapore thrives in international food options, luxurious resort stays, romantic activities for couples, fun places for families, indoor and outdoor parks for the nature lover, has many free things for budget travelers and so much more.  Check out the places we visited and loved.

things to do in Singapore

18 Great Things to do in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay

This is the most photographed spot in Singapore and one of the most beautiful spots to roam around at no cost.  Inside the gardens, you find the Supertrees which deserve its own spot on our next point.  You can also find gorgeous gardens, lakes, and pathways to get lost in.  Cloud Forest and Flower Dome are located in here and worth a visit.

things to do in Singapore

things to do in Singapore

Cloud Forest

This tropical dome has the world’s tallest indoor waterfall at 35 meters and emits a beautiful mist that mimics a real cloud forest.  You can do the Treetop Walk to view it from above and work your way around the beautiful and lush greenery.  Cost is 12 USD but can be combined with the Flower Dome for 28 USD.

things to do in Singapore

Flower Dome

The Flower Dome is the largest greenhouse in the world and boasts with beautiful flowers and plants from the Mediterranean and Semi-Arid regions.  We got to see the Christmas displays when we visited in November and everything about this place is beautiful!

things to do in Singapore

Supertree Grove: Day Time

The Supertrees inside Gardens by the Bay are man-made trees that provide energy for the whole park!  How awesome is that?  If you want to enjoy the trees even more, we recommend walking the OCBC Skyway (like a hanging bridge) that runs above ground and connects between the trees.  However, if you are afraid of heights you might think about it twice.  The cost is 5 USD and you get magnificent views of the gardens down below and the city from afar.

things to do in Singapore

Supertree Grove: Night Light Show

These 25-50 meter tall trees make it twice on our list because they should be visited twice during your stay.  Every evening inside Gardens by the Bay, the Supertrees put on a stunning light show that flashes to the sound of music.  This was a magical and romantic moment that we won’t forget and highly recommend for you to not miss.  We visited in November and they played Christmas music which added to the magic.  The light show happens at 7:45 and 8:45. Make sure to arrive a few minutes early to pick your favorite spot to view the light show.

things to do in Singapore

things to do in Singapore

Marina Bay

A great way to spend a romantic evening is to walk the Marina Bay Sands where you will have amazing views of the Marina Bay Sands and Esplanade.  Every spot here is beautiful and a great place to take in the city lights.  Nearby you will find the water light show, helix bridge, the luxurious Marina Bay Sands, and Merlion Park.

things to do in Singapore

things to do in Singapore

Spectra: Water Light Show

This water show was one of our favorite moments in Singapore.  Spectra is an outdoor light and water show along the promenade in front of Marina Bay Sands.  The music dances to the symphony of music and is lighted by lasers and projectors.  It reminded us of the water show at Disneyland and the Las Vegas Bellagio fountains.  This 15-minute show happens at 8 and 9pm Sunday through Thursday, and 8, 9, and 10pm on Friday and Saturday.

things to do in Singapore

Merlion Park

Taking a photo of Merlion in Singapore is a must almost like taking a picture of the Eiffel Tower is in Paris.  The Merlion statue is a tourist icon shaped like a half-fish and half-lion.   Tale has it that it symbolizes Singapore’s humble beginnings as a fishing village.  Its head represents Singapore’s original name, Singapura which means ‘lion city’ in Malay.  It resides in Merlion Park by the Marina Bay and you can take a touristy picture of you drinking water or showering water from your mouth if you’d like.

things to do in Singapore


We’ve been to a few Chinatowns, but none as clean and as colonial-looking as this one.  Though it’s not the largest Chinatown we’ve visited, it’s a great place for buying cheap items and eating at a low price in an expensive city.  We enjoyed the lanterns floating above us and the colonial looking shops.  This is a must see when you are in Singapore and you can find some nice boutique hotels and hostels located in this area.

things to do in Singapore

things to do in Singapore

Little India

With colorful buildings and colorful street decorations, who wouldn’t love a stroll through Little India?  This is where you can also find many oil scents and spices, try new food, and do some shopping.  It’s a small taste of Indian Culture in a large block of Singapore.

things to do in Singapore

things to do in Singapore

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay was a beautiful area to explore not only because of the beautiful river, but for the building views and the many food options.  You can also take a river cruise for 25 USD or simply walk around the area.  At night, the place comes alive with a vibrant bar and restaurant scene.

things to do in Singapore

things to do in Singapore

Changi Airport

Known as the world’s best airport, Changi is filled with free things to enjoy.  One of those free things is foot massages, a movie theater with no admission, free Wi-Fi, beautiful artwork displayed throughout, and an interactive art center.  Now that’s a good Airport experience!

things to do in Singapore

Visit Temples and Mosques

There are many temples you can walk into where you can learn about different beliefs.  The detail in some temples and mosques is quite stunning to see.  Some popular ones include Sr Mariamman Temple and Masjid Sultan Mosque.

things to do in Singapore

Helix Bridge

Just a short walk from Marina Bay Sands, you see this beautiful steel foot bridge that’s inspired by the curved form of DNA structure.  To us, the bridge looked like a scene from the future with its complicated shape.  This became one of our favorite things to photograph!

things to do in Singapore

Raffles Hotel

This beautiful architectural building is named after Sir Stamfor Raffles, the founder of Singapore.  This is also the birthplace of the famous fruity drink that will set you back 30 USD if you decide to try it,the Singapore Sling.  We skipped the drink, but enjoyed the view around the hotel.

things to do in Singapore

Hawker Centers

You can save money by visiting a Hawker Center to find cheap eats with cuisine from around all-around Asia.

things to do in Singapore


We came across Chijmes by accident while wandering the streets of Singapore.  It’s a historic building which began as a Catholic Convent in the quarters of Caldwell House.  The chapel is beautiful with a gothic style look.  It’s now an all-purpose hall known as Chijmes.  The area around it is commercialized into dining, shopping, and entertainment.

things to do in Singapore

Walk the City

The best way to enjoy the city is to allow yourself to get lost in the streets of Singapore.  One day, we were headed to Chinatown but it took us over three hours to get there because kept finding other distracting and great spots along the way.  Allow yourself time to freely wander and you’ll find some great and beautiful gems.

things to do in Singapore

things to do in Singapore

Iconic Places We Missed

Marina Bay Sands is one of those epic and luxurious places to stay at if you’re ready to spend a good amount of money.  Famously known for its pool over-looking the city and only available to guests, we hope to one day come back to spend a night there. The other option is to visit the observations deck for 23 USD but no pool access.

Singapore Flyer is one of the biggest Ferris wheels with large capsules that hold up to 28 people and has great views of the city.

Sentosa Island is a favorite for visitors because it has Universal Studios and beautiful resorts.

Singapore Zoo is one rated as one of the best zoos to visit.

The Singapore Flyer is another popular activity to try in the city.

Singapore Botanic Gardens has beautiful lakes, lush green plants, and great sculptures.

There is an overwhelming amount of things to do in Singapore that it’s hard to choose what to fit into a short visit.  But regardless of where you go, you will enjoy your time in this beautiful city.

things to do in Singapore

Things to Know about Singapore

Singapore is one of the safest places in the world!  We definitely felt safe our whole time there.

There is a beautiful mix of culture in Singapore.  Thus, you will find different foods, experiences, and people.

Singapore is very expensive!  Come prepared to spend.  However, if you visit on a budget it’s possible to still enjoy it.

The weather in Singapore is warm year-round making it easy to plan a trip no matter what season.

Singapore has a many strict and odd laws that come with expensive or harsh punishment.  For example, don’t even think about connecting to someone’s Wi-Fi, feeding pigeons, or forget flushing.  Smoking in public, walking naked in your house with open curtains, and littering will get you fined. Don’t even think about bringing gum into the country or selling it or you’ll spend two years in jail aside from a hefty fine.  Spitting in public is also not allowed, which to be honest is okay with me!  Drinking and eating is strictly forbidden on the SMR (transportation). Oh, and can you believe Singapore allows caning (a legal form of corporal punishment)?  Offenders receive strokes as punishment depending on the type of crime or rule broken.

If you find yourself at Little India on Sunday evening, don’t be surprised to see hundreds of men hanging out on the streets.  It was a unique sighting for us to see so many men gathered outside the temples, food stands, and the parks.  We thought there was a special event going on, so we asked and turns out the men gather to enjoy their day off/end of the week.  However, we have no idea where the women are.  Perhaps they gather somewhere too?

How to Get Around

You’ll find yourself walking a lot in Singapore but the cheapest way to get around is using the SMR.  It will connect you from the city all the way to the airport and to the border of Malaysia.  They have a tourist card for a one to three-day use and costs 10-20 Singapore Dollars.  However, you can also fill a regular card to get around and refill as needed.  Another option is using Uber and Grab, which we used for our long-distance ride to the airport.  Taxis are also common and inexpensive, but we didn’t use any in our time there.


Where to Stay

We stayed in the Little India area and it was the perfect location.  The SMR was conveniently located only a short 5 minute walk away.  We were also immersed into the Singaporean Indian Culture and we got to enjoy the beautiful colors of this neighborhood.  At the Hilton, we had fast working Wi-Fi, gym, pool and comfortable bed.  There are many luxurious hotels to choose from and if you book early, you can save on hotels, hostels,  and apartment rentals.

things to do in Singapore

There are so many things to do in Singapore and we enjoyed it so much! We can’t wait to go back again one day to explore more of it.

Have you ever visited or thought of visiting of Singapore?  What place would you most want to see?  Let us know in the comments and please share this post with others!

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things to do in singapore

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  • The whole place looks so incredible! Your pictures made it look super promising, but I gotta say I wish you had taken more pictures of the cloud forest – looked so cool!

  • personally, i think i love singapore for how it is really safe and easy to get around. but for someone who’s not really a big fan of urban life like me, singapore has become plain boring after a few days. 😛

    i am now considering to visit flower dome the next time i come to singapore again though. thanks to you!

    • It’s true! It’s the reason we loved it. We felt really comfortable and lots to do. But I get what you’re saying. We feel similar despite loving it. It’s weird to describe. 💙 Enjoy next time you’re there.

  • I have been living in Singapore from last 10 years and you will find every year they add something new to the list. Well, you will find the Foreign workers spending their time on weekend mainly all men.

  • It always amazes me how much nature there is in this modern city that is Singapore. In all the high buildings and architecture there are still so many spots with amazing flowers and trees.

  • It’s always nice to read an article about Singapore, I know the place very well and I think I have been to every possible corners of this island (having a Singaporean girlfriend helps). It’s cool you got to enjoy the Christmas lights are Gardens by The Bay, it’s like a fairytale! My personal favorite are walking in Chinatown and the Botanic Gardens. It’s true that many rules seem quite harsh and crazy… you can imagine the shock for me as I am French – in France everyone and everything is all about freedom!

  • I see why the Supertrees are the most photographed site in Singapore! Wow, I have never seen anything like that! I don’t often see travel pictures of Singapore. Now I am wondering why. It is gorgeous!

  • Singapore is one of my favorite cities in the world and I admire you that you were able to limit the attractions to 18 😉 I did most of the things you are listing and did especially enjoy the ethnic mix that you are pointing out, too, and the effort to install much greenery although the space is very limited. I agree that Little India is a perfect location to explore the city – it’s centrally located, but still affordable.

  • oh Singapore is breathtaking beautiful. it has been in my plans to go there and seeing your blog post is makes me eager and anxious to visit there already. there is so much to do and it feels like my kind of travel. With the harsh rules well..i am mute on that. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Never thought of visiting Singapore, but now I do. Seems like there is so much that you can do. Lovely post, you provide so many things to do and see.

  • I’ve been in Singapore last year. and I say that this is such a beautiful place to visit. Lots of beautiful scenery and views. I will definitely revisit Singapore this 2018.

  • Such beautiful pictures and a lovely informative post! I’ve always, always, always wanted to go to Singapore, there are so many wonderful and inspiring sights! I wouldn’t want to pass up any of these locations!

  • Singapore is such a great City – I was there a few years ago, but I can see it changed a lot – there are so many new things to explore! Thanks for the great inspiration – I see I have to go back soon 🙂

  • I have been to the Gardens by the Bay twice but its been a couple of years and it looks like they have added lots more so I would love to go back. I also loved the atmosphere at Chijmes, it’s a great spot for dining if you have had enough of the hawker centres.
    I highly recommend the Singapore Zoo if you go back… I am not a zoo person but I absolutely loved it.

  • I am scheduled to visit the place next year. I’m definitely bookmarking this! I would love to go to all the spots you visited, they look lovely!

  • The Supertrees, Chinatown, and the Hindu temples are my favorite. I adore Hindu architecture – so much so that I decided to stay at Little India. Chinatown is almost always mandatory for me, because I enjoy hunting down medicinal herbs and teas. 🙂

  • Singapore is a beautiful country. Unfortunately, we had to cancel a visit here last year. Definitely high on my bucket list.
    Thanks for sharing this extensive list. I have bookmarked it 🙂

  • I love Singapore as well and have spent many a long weekend there! I generally go for the food – there is nothing quite like a char kway teo from a hawker centre.

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