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Sunset Hotel: A Five Star View and Service

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sunset hotel costa rica
Written by Edith & Juan

It’s not often you show up to a hotel and spend much time having a conversation with the owner.  But at Sunset Hotel, we didn’t experience the typical hotel stay. Instead, we felt right at home the moment we arrived.

Located in Monteverde, Costa Rica in the Puntarenas region, we found ourselves surrounded by beautiful views and much wildlife.

Arrival to Sunset Hotel

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Vitalis, the friendly small-hotel owner who manages the 7-room hotel along with his son. He gave us a tour of the two rooms that were vacant and gave us information about the hotel amenities.

It didn’t take much for us to decide to stay here. To start, we thought the price was quite good considering we left the main town and opted for this cute hidden hotel atop a hill. Second, we loved the views right away.

As soon as we booked the room, Vitalis told us about the tours available. We only had a day to explore the following day, so the owner quickly set us up with a night tour.  Thirty minutes later after our arrival, we were picked up by our Night Walk tour company which would take us on our dark forest tour.  No time wasted!  We immediately liked how quick everything was flowing.

Sunset Hotel Costa Rica

Sunset Hotel Costa Rica

Our Night Stay at Sunset Hotel

Back at our hotel that night, we thought having a fan instead of air conditioner would be a bit hot and humid because of rainy season.  However,  the room temperature was perfect and we even remained covered up with blankets.  The high altitudes keep this place at a perfect temperature.

The room itself was clean and comfortable.  With a unique design, our room was made up of wooden pallets, including the night stand lamp.  In front of the window stood a table where you can sit to work on your laptop while looking out to some beautiful views.

The place included hot water, WiFi, and lots of comfort.  Something new we experienced, was listening to the sounds of animals out in the forest reserves before falling asleep.  Not sure what animals we heard, but it was fun trying to guess whether it was some sort of cat or monkey.  We never knew!

Sunset Hotel Costa Rica

Sunset Hotel Costa Rica


The following morning we woke up thinking a hotel staff would attend us for breakfast, we were surprised to be greeted by Vitalis who personally cooked our free breakfast for us.  While we waited for him to cook, he brought us fruit and coffee to start off our breakfast which included scrambled eggs, bread, fruit, and coffee.

Let us mention, this breakfast room had a view we fell in love with. I could have easily spent a day sitting here chatting with Juan, but instead, we sat for a while chatting with Vitalis who speaks English, Spanish, and German.  We had a nice time speaking to him in Spanish, laughing, and listening to his stories about his years in Mexico.  He truly felt like a friend because he was so friendly.

Sunset Hotel Costa Rica

Sunset Hotel Costa Rica

Sunset Hotel Costa Rica

Walking the Sunset Hotel Trails

After breakfast, we took a half hour walk through the trail belonging to the hotel.  It was surrounded by many trees and wildlife that we got to see and enjoy.  We saw an insane amount of beautiful butterflies  and small insects who flew beside us as we hiked. We also saw many parrots sitting atop the trees in front of the hotel.  Unfortunately we did not find any monkeys or sloths which is known to happen sometimes at the hotel. The trail was long enough to give us a great workout and it was a great start to the day.

Upon finishing the hike, we returned to Vitalis to ask about which Cloud Forest to visit. He insisted we go to the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve instead of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve which was the original plan. Because he’s a local who grew up here, we decided to take his recommendation.  We do not regret it. First, it was closer to our location. Second, it was beautiful and we practically had the place to ourselves for opting to go to the least crowded reserve. It’s always nice to have a place to ourselves!  Vitalis was kind enough to hold our luggage at the front with him while we were gone.

Sunset Hotel

Sunset Hotel Costa Rica

Sunset Hotel Costa Rica

After our Cloud Forest adventure, we felt the need to say goodbye to Vitalis who we even asked to take a picture of because we definitely wanted to recommend his five-star service and his cute hotel with amazing views.

Our stay at this hotel was a cozy one and one where we felt extremely welcomed. We recommend it because of its five-star views, its five-star service, and its amazing trail.

Definitely consider staying here if you ever find yourself in Monteverde!

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Sunset Hotel

Sunset Hotel Costa Rica

Sunset Hotel Costa Rica

Not a sponsored post. We simply loved our stay. 🙂 

Sunset Hotel Costa Rica

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