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7 Reasons You Must Visit Xcaret

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Written by Edith & Juan

7 Reasons You Must Visit Xcaret

XCaret is an archaeological park that will give you an amazing experience of the Mayan jungle, a view of the Caribbean Sea, and a taste of Mexico’s culture and heritage.  Just a short ride away from Cancun, Xcaret is located in the Rivera Maya.  It has attractions, entertainment, and food that will leave you with memories of an unforgettable experience.  If that isn’t enough to get you excited, I don’t know what is!  Let me give you some reasons why you must visit Xcaret during your trip to Cancun or nearby.

1.  Visit Xcaret for the Mayan Jungle Experience

Getting lost in the trails of Xcaret is no big deal because everywhere you turn you find yourself surrounded by paradise.  With endless amount of trees, you find yourself in a natural heaven like habitat. You will witness beautiful butterflies flying near waterfalls and other amazing creatures.  You will see different types of trees and flowers and enjoy the crystal clear waters.  And perhaps the best experience? Walking and swimming through caves that might just have bats hanging from the top!

visit xcaret

2. Visit Xcaret for to swim in the Caribbean Sea + Water Activities

Our personal favorite activity was swimming in the Underground River.  It takes you through a maze of caves and through lighted river paths that each contain beautiful views of rock formations and natural plants.  This freshwater stream is easy to enjoy and a place to relax as you float down the river.  Xcaret also offers the chance to lay on hammocks, plunge down on the sand, or swim in the open sea.  Though you may not have time for every water activity, make some time to spend it swimming in one body of water.  You will not regret the experience.

visit xcaret

3.  Visit Xcaret for Amazing Performances with a Cultural Experience

Before we had gone to Mexico, we had some knowledge of the history and culture.  But after going to Xcaret, we walked out of there feeling proud of our Mexican roots.  We had no idea how much rich culture and history Mexico had and Xcaret gave us a wonderful opportunity to learn this.

Each show is designed to teach you something that the Mayan culture practiced.  The shows are also designed to teach you practices that Mexico still has such as those you will see in the Equestrian show with the Adelitas and the Charros.  You will also listen to typical and traditional dances and music at the Mexico Expectacular and at the Pre-Hispanic Performances.  Also, don’t miss the Voladores de Papantla who represent an important ceremony in the culture of the Mayans.

Do not miss the Mexico Espectacular show at night.  Though it’s long and late in the day, you will not regret staying to watch a live show with a tribute to Mexico.  With performances that represent typical state music and dances, and Mayan festivities, ceremonies and games, you will go home full of knowledge of what Mexico represents.  We can say this show is as good or better than those you see in Las Vegas because of its spectacular setting, costumes, and actors.

visit xcaret

4.  Visit Xcaret for the Awesome Attractions

There are so many attractions that you will probably not get to experience all of them in one day!  Xcaret offers a great amount of attractions that ranges from water activities, natural habitat walks, or museum like setups.  First off, you can get on their scenic tower to experience Xcaret from above.  It will give you a view of the Mayan jungle.  From there you can visit the Hacienda Henequenera, St. Francis of Assisi Chapel, Chapel of Guadalupe, Caves at the Mayan Village, the Mayan ruins at the archaeological sites, Wine Cellar, Paradise River and one of my favorites; the Mexican Cemetery that took my breath away because of its beautiful art.  Get a map, cross out what you do, and move on the next activity.  Write down the time of the shows so that you don’t miss them.  This tip will help you see as much as possible.

visit xcaret

5. Visit Xcaret for encounters with Animals

Xcaret is every animal lover’s playground.  At the Butterfly Pavilion, you will enjoy countless colorful butterflies up close and personal.  Bright colored parrots will pose on your shoulder as you get your picture snapped.  Dolphins will put a smile on your face as you watch them interact with people.  As you walk different trails, you will see water animals such as sharks, manatees, and sea turtles.  You will also find some other exotic animals such as pumas, jaguars, and monkeys.  Did I mention I swam in a cave with real bats?!

visit xcaret
6. Visit Xcaret to taste delicious food

Xcaret has many food choices from Mexican to international foods to places where you can snack.  You can opt for some traditional plates and enjoy the many flavors available.  We opted for La Cocina Restaurant to enjoy their buffet with tons of traditional Mexican foods and desserts.  We recommend trying Sopa de Lima (lime soup), which is a traditional food from the neighboring state of Yucatán.  Don’t forget to eat some desserts which include flan, churros, and so much more.  You get all this while sitting back and enjoying some mariachi music and a drink of tequila.  If you prefer, you can try any of the other restaurant which probably offer some amazing food as well.

visit xcaret

7. Visit Xcaret for Extra Optional Activities

Besides everything I mentioned above, Xcaret offers even more activities that you can enjoy with the family.  Most of them are close interactions with water animals such as sharks, dolphins, stingrays, and other sea life through the Sea Trek experience.  But there are also water experiences like Adrenalina (speed boat), snorkeling, and scuba diving.  Last but not least,  you can also have a spa experience and enjoy a VIP type of dinner during the show Mexico Espectacular.

visit xcaret

visit xcaret

There you have it! 7 reasons you must visit Xcaret.  There are so many more reasons why to visit but we think this simplified list covers the main reasons we loved our visit.  There truly isn’t enough time to see and do everything because it offers so much.  It’s a nature lover’s Disneyland and worth every moment spent inside.  If you plan a visit to Cancun or near, you must visit Xcaret.  It’s amazing and beautiful and that is something Juan and I both agreed on!

Have you been to Xcaret?  What was your favorite thing?  How was your experience?! We’d love to hear about it!

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visit xcaret


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