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Our names are Edith and Juan, teacher and foreman and part time adventurers at the moment.  We started this blog mainly because we have big dreams to see the world.  We’ll soon embark on a round the world journey.  Together, we’ll be documenting our travels to share with you.

The purpose of this blog is not only to document our travels about different cities, but to also encourage couples to go on adventures.  Adventures like exploring your own city, taking a road trip, or jumping on a plane to a new place.  We’ll be sharing city guides, fun activities to do while traveling, hotel reviews and more.  Throughout this blog, you can follow along as we share places to see in California and beyond.

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We moved from Tucson, Arizona to Southern California in 2014.  Since then, we’ve been exploring every corner of  So-Cal possible and making occasional road trips around the state.  Living in a state with so much to do spiked our sense of wanderlust even more.  Eventually this led to the decision to travel this state as much as we could with occasional longer trips when our jobs permitted.  Our first ’round-the-world’ journey will start in Southeast Asia towards the end of 2017.


As we were brainstorming names, we wanted people to know where we come from because we are super humbled and proud to be from the 520 zip code area- Tucson, Arizona.  That’s when we realized, the pictures we share on Instagram are the stories we are living beyond our home.  This is our life beyond Tucson.   Our life beyond the 520.  Thanks Mr. 305 for the name inspiration haha! (some of you get that)


Visiting Horseshoe BendFormer elementary teacher that loves the outdoors, exploring places, dancing,  photography, family time, and God.  A girl who likes reading, the online world, writing, listening to music and who basically can’t be home.  I dislike bugs, cooking, and staying home.  My dream place to visit is Israel and pretty much the whole world.



I’m a foreman who loves my job.  I love food, eating snacks, loud music, watching movies, and to occasionally drive around the city.  I enjoy going to food markets and walking.  I like rivers, oceans, and lake views.  I dislike heights and amusement park rides.  My dream place to visit is Africa, specifically for a Safari adventure.


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