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First of all, thank you so much for checking out our website!  We are so happy you are here.

Our names are Edith and Juan, a married couple seeking adventure and cultural experiences.

We recently quit our jobs to travel to new places that we always dreamed of.

This website is a place we built to document our travel journey and a place we hope inspires you to visit new places around the world.

It’s a place where we encourage couples and others to go on new adventures, explore their own city, go on road trips and much more.

Our travel style varies and does not fit one box.  Our accommodations is mostly affordable luxury by staying anywhere from Boutique Hotels to Apartment Rentals.  But we’ll also occasionally splurge on beautiful stays or save at affordable accommodations.

We’re happy to roam this world and everything makes us happy.  Therefore we love big cities as much as we love small towns.  We love hiking beautiful mountains as much as we love beaches.  Tourist spots are something we love as much as we love getting lost in secret spots.  We love relaxing at the hotel as much as we love going on fun and crazy adventures of kayaking, ATVing, snowboarding, hiking, etc.  Food and desserts are equally loved by us.

It’s a little bit of everything and we hope this is a place where you find travel inspiration!

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We love our hometown Tucson, Arizona, in the 520 area code. Before our blog started, we moved to California temporarily and explored the state as much as we could.  Eventually, we started sharing pictures of how our life beyond Arizona was like.  Thus, this was where “Life Beyond 520” came from.


Visiting Horseshoe Bend

I’m a former elementary teacher that loves so many things! I can never be still and I always want to be moving around.  I’m a dreamer, a planner, an adventurous spirit and a deep thinker and lover.

I love the outdoors, exploring places, dancing,  photography, family time, and God.  Reading inspirational and learning books, spending time online, writing, listening to music, and most of all traveling is something I enjoy.  I dislike bugs, cooking, and staying home.  My dream place to visit is Israel and pretty much the whole world.



Life Beyond 520

I used to work as a foreman and loved my job.  Food, eating snacks, loud music, watching movies, and driving around the city are all things I love.  I enjoy going to food markets and walking around cities.  Rivers, oceans, and lake views are my preference but I dislike heights and amusement park rides.

I prefer stability and I enjoy staying home.  I don’t stress out easily and don’t do much planning, I go with the flow.  My dream place to visit is Africa, specifically for a Safari adventure.



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