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A Travel Guide to Los Cabos in 3 Days

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Written by Edith & Juan

With about 350 sunny days a year in Los Cabos, we were excited to get away from the rainy winter days in California.  What better place to soak up vitamin D than Los Cabos!?  Much to our surprise, the day after our arrival Cabos San Lucas was experiencing a storm.

However, the saying in this beach city goes like this, “there is no bad day in Cabos” and that can’t be more true!  The rain only stopped us for a couple of hours making it a perfect weekend under the sun.

Here’s how we experienced Los Cabos and you can too! Here we leave you with a travel guide to Los Cabos in 3 days.

Sunset Cruise

One of the best things we did in Cabo San Lucas was go a sunset cruise with Cabo Mar Fiesta Dinner Cruises. The staff had amazing service from the moment we got on the cruise ship to the moment we got off.  They welcomed us with a starter drink and led us to the top deck where we listened to live music and dancing. This was followed by tasty dinner and Mariachi that included more dancing upstairs. The best part is the view of the famous arch and beautiful skyline.

ATV adventure

We’re always up for fun an adventure and so we decided to book an ATV tour with G Adventures. On this tour we got to experience the thrill of speed on quads while riding through the desert and along the beach.  The views were incredible and their service was great.  They pick you up and drop you off at your hotel.  Upon arrival at their main office, they equip you with necessary items, give you a quick training, and lead you on a fun ride. Let us not forget to mention, they also have a bar at the check-in area.


The Famous Arch

If you do not see the famous arch, let’s just say you didn’t go to Los Cabos.  At least that’s what the locals we spoke to joked around with.  But really, taking a small boat tour to the arch is a must! We were able to capture the arch at a close distance and view the city through a small boat ride.

Included with our boat ride, is a stop at Playa del Amor (Lover’s Beach).  This is a small beach facing the city where you can swim and snorkel.  It is only accessible by boat and draws in large crowds.  Just on the other side, is Playa del Divorcio (Divorce Beach) facing the Pacific Ocean.  It is connected to Lover’s Beach and is not suitable for swimming like Lover’s Beach is.  Divorce Beach is known for its rip currents and turbulent waters.  It’s too dangerous to swim in yet so beautiful and great for sun-bathing and for lower crowds.

Happy Hour at Mango Deck

Located at Medano Beach, this iconic restaurant and beach club has it all.  Here you can gaze out to the bay to see the Arch at Land’s End.  Not only did we enjoy amazing views and some delicious cold drinks and food, but we were able to see some wild and fun contests.  Though we enjoyed the party during the day, at Mango Deck the party and entertainment continues till night with live performances and games.

Walk the Marina

The Marina is your typical tourist area filled with activities, restaurants, vendors, and a new upscale shopping center.  This is where you can come hunt around for the best price for water-based excursions such as boat rides, sunset cruises, scuba diving, ATV rids, snorkeling, parasailing, and much more.  This is definitely a great place for delicious food and drinks and a vibrant night-life.

Flee Market at the Marina

Just to the side of the Marina, you have a mini flee-market.  This is the perfect place to shop for souvenirs that holds a collection of Mexican pottery, wood carvings, and beads.  They also have blankets, clothing, embroidered dresses, and many handmade items.  We find places like this fascinating and enjoy shopping at these vendors in Mexico for cute gifts.

This is also our way of helping the local community by purchasing their handmade items which they sell to support their families.  We didn’t find the vendors to be pushy, but our many trips to Mexico have taught us how to say no and how to barter (it’s tempting to buy everything!).  However, what we enjoy most is speaking to the locals that run the vendors.

Dance the Night Away

We enjoyed some great live music and entertainment while in Cabos.  We already told you how awesome Mango Deck was, but at night we were able to get our hips shaking at popular night clubs that have life bands and DJ’s spinning the best house music.  Though we didn’t go to the famous Cabo Wabo, we did have tons of fun at Squid Roe.

Squid Roe is an icon at Los Cabos and we can see why!  Here you have the waiters, waitresses, and customers dancing table-top to energy filled music inside this constuction-zone themed atmosphere with three stories.  We also enjoyed Mandala, a more upscale night club with colorful lighting, VIP amenities, and upscale decor.  This is a place where you can catch a famous celebrity if you happen to be there at the right time.

Walk the Art District in San Jose del Cabo

Just next door to Cabos San Lucas, you have San Jose del Cabo.  San Jose has a fascinating Art Gallery District with a long list of art galleries.  This area has become a cultural center for the city as many local and international artists are able to display their original paintings, sculptures, photography, and handmade items.

We also had the opportunity to walk the historic main square where we found a beautiful detailed church.  The streets of San Jose del Cabo are quite charming and worth some of your time. Though a day is best to visit, a few hours will do if your time is tight.

a travel guide to los cabos

a travel guide to los cabos

Have you ever been to Los Cabos?  What activities did you try or would you add to a travel guide to Los Cabos in 3 days? We wish we had enjoyed more time to try more of the incredible activities offered but time flies when you’re having fun!  Share with us what you would like to do if you visited this lovely Mexican beach.

a travel guide to los cabos

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A Travel Guide to Los Cabos in 3 Days

travel guide to los cabos



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